TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service software

You carry out equipment maintenance for customers? TAG EAM/CMMS software offers the Maintenance-as-a-Service and field capabilities you need to better manage your customers’ most critical assets.

What is field maintenance services or Maintenance-as-a-Service software?

More and more manufacturers are relying on field maintenance services, also known as the Maintenance-as-a-Service (MaaS) approach, to address challenges related to scarcity of technical personnel to perform critical maintenance. Sub-contractors offer field maintenance services that leverage the power of MaaS software to carry out all their standard reactive and corrective maintenance as well as introduce preventative and predictive maintenance programs with/without IoT and connected equipment sensors. 

TAG MaaS software is a full-featured maintenance management solution so that you and your customers can tap into a wealth of data regarding their assets, maintenance work, work order status, and all other maintenance operations. Give your customer access to centralized information on their  equipment state of health, service request status, compliance information, and so much more.

Ready to see how TAG MaaS can benefit your organization?

What can field service companies achieve with TAG MaaS?

Completely automated workforce scheduling, dispatching and tracking

TAG MaaS is built on top of the Microsoft Azure Stack, including Azure Map, allowing you to visualize where your personnel is at any given moment and optimally dispatch them to appropriate field service customers.

Accelerate your ROI

Create new opportunities to sell remote training and support services to your customers—and add an extra revenue stream to maximize your bottom line.

Improve response times with customers

When it comes to rapidly responding to a customer service request, automating sending out bills and certifications, or receiving past-due alerts on certain tasks, TAG MaaS’s workflow with Office 365 integration will make sure you never miss a beat.

Embed CMMS software in your field operations

Build a solid field service and maintenance process for your customers’ equipment. Automate preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance for each asset or equipment subassembly. Centralize all relative documentation and information, including CAD designs, work procedures and safety instructions, in the system.

Fully integrate all your financial data

TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service software has a full set of accounting features that respect all international finance best practices and standards. You can use TAG MaaS as your ERP or our API to link to your preferred accounting system.

Ensure transparency for your customers

Your customers can securely access their information on TAG’s B2B portal to track or connect to their equipment and get real-time data on costs and maintenance. Customers can also carry out transactions on the portal to create work requests or order parts.

Automate work with third-party service providers

With TAG MaaS, your external service providers will be able to complete tasks on open work orders and automate the completion of the associated POs. This will simplify your accounts payable process with much less manual work.

Consolidate your inventory system

Tracking your parts inventory in trucks, warehouses, or at a site comes easy with TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service software. It allows you to easily set up procurement accounts by location or work orders to ensure minimum stock availability. It will also automate stock replenishment based on business rules, such as location transfer, min./max. levels, reordering quantities, or lot for lot. TAG MaaS tracks the specific costs of serialized inventory handling. It also manages RMAs, core returns, rotables and loaners.

TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service key features

Maintenance contract management

TAG MaaS handles service contracts per equipment and facility for your customers. You can easily manage what type of services are included in your contracts—with start and end dates, automatic renewals or reminders by workflow. Periodic invoicing is managed also automatically. Use TAG MaaS to monitor work costs and profitability per customer, contract and facility.

Mobile field service management software

Technicians assigned to work order tasks can use TAG’s web portal or iOS/Android native app in the field to complete their work orders, including time, adding parts, inventory and supplies. They can also add meter information, comments and pictures, print work confirmations or related documentation, and capture customers’ electronic signatures. With the web portal, technicians have access to all important information on customers’ equipment.

Work order invoicing

TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service software offers the flexibility to invoice by work type or time, and material. When invoicing is based on time, TAG MaaS handles union costs and pricing by region. Users can manage contractual pricing for parts, inventory and labour per customer or customer group, and by currency.


TAG MaaS’s basic or advanced drag-and-drop dispatch functionality will give you great visibility of your workload and make sure to never miss a service call or periodic maintenance. Based on TAG’s time and attendance module, you can see staff availability by skill, certification and territory. You can then match them with internal equipment, such as trucks, to dispatch tasks and work orders each day.

Inspection forms and compliance reports

If you provide inspection services and inspection reports to your customers, TAG MaaS manages complex inspection numbers that you can automatically launch from periodic work orders by customer facility and equipment. Technicians can open inspection forms locally on their devices, fill them out and save them for immediate engineer validation and approval.

B2B customer portal

With TAG MaaS’ secure portal, customers can manage their accounts and view their equipment statistics, maintenance work and costs. They can also process work requests. If they provide IoT connection to their assets, they will be able to monitor their equipment in real time and use TAG’s  reporting tools to gain deeper insight into their equipment’s state of health.

GIS Azure map integration

Track your employee and customer equipment live on TAG’s easy-to-use GIS map. Your technicians on the road can view their customers’ equipment locations. You can also give access to you customers to the map locations of their equipment. If they supply their facilities’ CADs, you can add them to the map for better visibility.

Vendor contractor management

Maintain you service vendors in TAG MaaS and dispatch them as technicians on work orders. The software automates POs linked to each work order. As maintenance or repairs are completed, service provider invoices can be immediately generated as costs are automatically applied against work orders and customer equipment.

Looking for the ideal Maintenance-as-a-Service solution? Discover how TAG MaaS can change the way you carry out equipment maintenance for your customers.

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