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Bringing smartness and Big Data solutions to the energy & utility industry

Modern utility maintenance departments face many challenges on a daily basis, from costly service interruptions and aging infrastructures to compliance and safety concerns. Utility providers must also be able to meet customers’ demands for unprecedented levels of transparency and responsiveness. 

With the right process and the right tools, TAG can extend the lifespan of your equipment without compromising on safety or reliability. 

Shift your maintenance strategy from corrective and preventative to predictive using the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with TAG. Analyze real-time sensor data combined with activity logs to predict failures before they happen. Lower your operating costs, obtain an economic overview of your assets, and increase the useful life of capital assets beyond depreciation.   

Helping utility and energy companies improve efficiency, reliability and safety

Condition monitoring

Identify equipment issues in record time. Keep tabs on parameters like asset health and energy consumption, then identify and log any inconsistencies for immediate action.

Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our utility asset management software can handle preventive maintenance scheduling and automatically create work orders.

Predictive Maintenance

TAG can monitor all of your assets in real time, using the power of IoT and the Cloud to anticipate potential failures and recommend inspections and corrective actions.

Regulatory and safety requirements

Prioritize safety and avoid heavy fines with advanced tracking systems. Our software analyzes and monitors equipment performance metrics to ensure you are respecting industry regulations. Create, print, and store digital inspection certificates for auditors.

Inspection management

Schedule personnel, empower your field team and create a hub for your inspection data: centralize your forms and reports to keep organized and simplify the process of identifying failures and vulnerabilities.

Asset and budget analysis

Based on analytics, gain a deeper understanding of why past equipment faults occurred and how much money you spend on maintaining and operating your machinery.

Maintenance-as-a-Service Solution for the Power and Utility Industry

Maintain your customers’ assets with a tiered CMMS maintenance platform, available for both service providers and customers. Allow your customers to request and monitor service work orders, and react more quickly to serve your customers better by assigning skilled personnel with the right parts and tools for the job. 

Better serve your customers with a dedicated web portal

From electric utility asset management to water utility asset management, your clients can access the TAG customer portal for a comprehensive overview of their equipment and facilities. Using the dashboard, they can locate their assets on a map, monitor variables like energy consumption, view maintenance KPIs, order spare parts, and file and manage maintenance requests.

Innovation in Inspection Management

Our system allows you to organize all of your inspection reports in one place, making them easy to retrieve for proof of compliance. Digitize your forms, assign them to an asset, and the software will automatically create a work order based on the information provided. Automatically attach inspection certificates to the appropriate asset upon test approval, and predict potential issues using historical data and patterns.

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