Platform and Technology

TAG use the most up to date technology to create a flawless experience, improving and managing maintenance of company around the globe.

TAG Mobility Suite

TAG Mobility Suite puts all the strength and interconnectivity of TAG’s applications into the hands of technicians, managers, contractors and customers.

EAM for Microsoft Dynamics

TAG, an EAM/CMMS solution that is built in with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, eliminates the challenges and headaches associated with traditional integrated software. 

ERP Interface (API)

TAG’s API enables you to integrate your EAM with your financial system. This interface feature will automate the mapping and modeling data with your existing financial software to ensures maximum interoperability, seamless data flow transfer, and flawless information exchange between your systems.

SaaS Cloud-based

With a cloud-based solution, you benefit from reduced upfront IT costs; the CMMS/EAM is hosted on our servers, which means you don’t have to spend on server hardware and maintenance, operating system licensing.

Microsoft Technology Stack

TAG maintenance and asset management solution is built in the Microsoft’s software stack. There are a wide variety of advantages to opting for a solution that is developed by a certified Microsoft Partner.

Want to see all these technologies in action?

Please call our sales force to plan a demo and see all our platforms and technologies in action.

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