Rely on a CMMS partner that scales to your business

TAG’s mission is to develop CMMS and EAM solutions that are all about the user experience and scale with your business. Our goal is to help customers effortlessly leverage the power of Industry 4.0 technologies for your business to boost their bottom lines.

Founded on experience

TAG is a world leader and a specialist in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) as well as enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM) solutions. For over 15 years, TAG has helped companies of all sizes optimize maintenance operations, manage assets through their entire lifecycles, and maximize assets’ performance levels.

Before VeroSoft Design (VSD) acquired the TAG software and invested millions of dollars in R&D, TAG was the original idea of a maintenance manager in the oil and gas industry who was looking to improve his daily maintenance tasks. Today, TAG is perfectly suitable for many industries, including the energy, manufacturing and hospitality sector.

R&D that is aligned with the real needs of our clients

TAG is the only EAM/CMMS that perfectly integrates with the entire Microsoft technology stack and that has a proven 15-year track record for managing assets and maintenance with thousands of satisfied users worldwide. By keeping our users and technological innovation at the center of all R&D efforts, we continuously improve our solution for clients’ ever-evolving needs.

We also believe that clients of all skill-set levels can make the most of modern technology to gain a competitive edge and reduce their maintenance costs. Renowned for our knowledgeable support team, consultants and trainers, TAG is all about empowering its customers to do more and get the best use out of the software. To maintain our leadership position, we also conduct collaborative innovation projects with some customers to provide solutions tailored to their industry needs.

The future of CMMS starts with TAG

Our goal is to continuously improve TAG thanks to our relentless R&D and unwavering vision of making it the go-to EAM/CMMS for businesses everywhere. We are committed to delivering quality solutions that are accessible for companies of all sizes looking to facilitate their maintenance and asset management workflows. Whether you need to get your work order management processes back on track or to incorporate advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to your asset management processes, our solutions have got you covered.

We only team up with reliable international and local partners that can deliver on TAG’s value prop and customer promise. This gives you peace of mind knowing that we will support you every step of the way so that you can make the most out of your maintenance solution.

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