TAG asset health management

Find the weakest link on your line with TAG asset health index and asset risk index feature.

Asset health management and asset health index

TAG’s asset health index management gives you the ability to make better decisions to identify and prioritize maintenance on assets that require attention. With linear assets, TAG will display your weakest link on a specific line. One of the most important components of an effective EAM system is the capacity to suggest actions based on assets’ health index scores and criticality for the business to assess the risk index of each asset. For efficient asset health monitoring and maintenance scheduling, rely on TAG.

TAG’s asset health index management features a percentage score based on configurable formulas from different data sources generated in TAG or third-party application. TAG’s data sources include: assets’ life management, conditional monitoring, faults or reasons associated with work order and tasks, or usage levels based on meter reading or IoT sensors.

Ready to see how TAG asset health management can benefit your organization?

What can companies and maintenance teams achieve with TAG Asset Health Index?

Monitor assets to act fast

Quickly gain visibility on an asset card throughout TAG of the health index scores of all assets to help technicians or managers be more proactive during their day-to-day actions.

Predict the future

The health index ledger by asset, subassembly or group of assets can show trends in time to keep in check and predict assets’ future health and potential maintenance costs.

Get suggestions and automate actions

Set up customizable risk index calculations and rules to automatically receive suggestions or trigger actions based on pre-defined risk tolerance levels.

Be better aware of the risks

TAG’s risk index can be preconfigured on each piece of equipment or equipment group based on associated business risk levels in the event of a failure or shutdown.

Key features of TAG's Asset Health Index

Automate health index calculations

Calculate your assets’ health indexes from different data sources and ensure that the results are weighted based on the criticality of each piece of equipment or group of equipment.

Configure risk index calculations and rules

Get suggestions for the most appropriate intervention or automatically trigger an action based on the attained risk level as generated by the health index calculation.

Access a comprehensive health index ledger

Identify trends over time for each asset and improve your preventative maintenance.

Integrate health index calculation with linear functionalities

Quickly identify your weakest link by segment on a line or throughout an entire line—and determine the risk level to your business.

TAG’s asset health index and risk index give you the critical information you need to proactively monitor your assets’ state of health and conduct maintenance before any negative impact to your lines.

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