The best Microsoft EAM/CMMS software

Explore the benefits of TAG as a Microsoft asset management software

TAG maintenance and asset management solution is built in the Microsoft’s software stack. There are a wide variety of advantages to opting for a EAM/CMMS that is developed by a certified Microsoft Partner. Because your computerized maintenance management and enterprise asset management system is designed using proven and stable Microsoft technologies, it will help you gain in productivity and ensure the sustainability of your business.

Another benefit of using an EAM/CMMS that’s built-in the Microsoft’s technology stack is that you can use all of its range of applications, cloud services and office solutions, including Azure, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and more. Why manage multiple technology partners when you can get your team working on an integrated offer with Microsoft-based solutions that are tested, documented and supported?

Microsoft and TAG: The perfect combo for asset and maintenance management

TAG is a certified Microsoft product that allows an end-to-end integration with the entire Microsoft’s technology stack.

Slash your integration and management costs

Performing costly integrations of stand-alone systems a thing of the past. TAG maintenance and asset management solution is an affordable alternative for businesses who leverage the power of Microsoft applications.

Data accuracy and consistency

Access one source of truth, wherever you are in the Microsoft Stack application. Combine multiple streams of asset and management data so that you can make better decisions faster.

TAG works with your everyday tools

Productivity tools of Microsoft 365, such as Outlook, Exchange, Teams, Flow, SharePoint, etc., are all integrated with TAG. You’ll be able to improve collaboration between teams, optimize documentation management, and ensure that users can access their content anytime, anywhere.

Choose Microsoft Azure security

Data security is important, especially in this day and age. Why put your data into the hands of multiple, unreliable third-party vendors? Microsoft invests billions of dollars every year to offer unmatched and powerful security.

Discover TAG asset and maintenance software for Microsoft businesses

TAG helps you leverage the most powerful platforms and tools from Microsoft.

  • Access powerful reporting with Power BI. Power BI provides a “inter-tool” workflow. Make sense of your data through interactive, real-time dashboards and unlock the insights needed to drive your maintenance and asset management forward.
  • TAG IoT is built on Azure IoT and Azure IoT Hub. Azure IoT is IoT for everyone – it provides all of the devices, tools, data analytics and security capabilities you need to harness the true potential of IoT.
  • With TAG, you can be more productive and efficient with Microsoft 365. Improve your asset and maintenance workflows by using TAG with all of Microsoft’s productivity tools.
  • Stay connected with Teams too! In Microsoft Teams, information is shared in the moment and with context, enabling people to quickly make an informed decision.

Interested in benefiting from the integration of Microsoft’s technology stack with a powerful CMMS/EAM solution?

If you are looking for the best asset and maintenance management software so that your teams can continue working with their preferred Microsoft solutions, it’s time you take a look at TAG. Book a demo with us today and see how seamless the experience can be!

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