The Connection Between CMMS and the Augmented Reality

Although the Augmented Reality (AR) is frequently associated with smart home electronics and entertainment devices, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are also a beneficiary of AR. At a steel mill in Kazakhstan, maintenance workers are able to incorporate an AR “smart helmet” into their maintenance processes to access machinery by combining virtual data projected before their eyes (looking at a black-and-white image) with their real-world observations.

Maintenance technicians and workers, oil-rig employees, facility professionals and others can use real-time metrics, equipment history and work orders without needing to resort to electronic devices. They can control task processes with eye motions while interacting with their environment.

Many New Possibilities

There are several ways that Asset maintenance software technology and AR are connected:

  • Both CMMS software and AR devices provide users with valuable information that can be used to track and predict future events
  • Asset maintenance software has been deployed in many organizations; its flexible nature allows innovative forms of connectivity
  • Asset maintenance software integrates with AR-connected sensors to provide an extra dimension of responsive operation

New Ways of Managing Systems

Both AR and CMMS provide users with a higher degree of insight into complex systems, which results in a greater level of control, efficiency and safety. Together these technologies will change the way that systems are managed.

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