Using a CMMS for a More Effective Total Productive Maintenance

A total productive maintenance project should include preventative maintenance tasks and quality control. These features can be implemented within a computerized maintenance management system. The powerful automation tools of a CMMS can help your TPM project be an effective part of maintenance operations.

Maintenance Goals Within CMMS

Using a CMMS to launch your maintenance project provides you with important data regarding equipment failures and service tasks. Your TPM can be more effective. The system tools support important maintenance goals for equipment and operations:

  • Safety
  • Longevity
  • Optimal performance

The data also helps identify error-prone equipment. The system analyzes equipment history and offers insight into maintenance schedules, even creating maintenance service date plans.

Measuring Effectiveness

A CMMS can help analyze the success of a TPM deployment. The value of tracking maintenance within CMMS is the information produced for management and maintenance teams. You have the tools to modify maintenance for the most effective operations.

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