Transform the way you manage assets with The Asset Guardian.

Highly scalable and simple to use EAM/CMMS software to efficiently manage your maintenance operations—and boost your bottom line.

Used and trusted by major companies all over the world


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Used and trusted by major companies all over the world

Take advantage of our proven EAM/CMMS software technology

Ultra-easy to use

Unbeatable UX experience leveraging the latest mobile technologies that your maintenance teams will adopt right away—regardless of their IT skill level.

Boost your productivity

Ditch manual data entry and automate routine maintenance and bothersome administrative tasks so that your teams can focus on the work that’s truly important.

Manage assets through their entire lifecycle

Maximize assets’ useful life with powerful data, from acquisition and procurement all the way to operation and maintenance—all from one centralized platform.

Move towards Maintenance 4.0

Enable smart automation of all your asset management processes with a new class of predictive maintenance software that seamlessly integrates innovative Maintenance 4.0 technologies.

It’s time you regained control of your asset and maintenance operations

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