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How to Build an Electrical Maintenance Program

February 3, 2021

Your electrical equipment requires maintenance just as your mechanical equipment does; therefore, it is to your benefit to build an electrical maintenance program. Because there are not many ready-made tools for building electrical maintenance planners, you have to take some initiative. First you need to create a detailed vision that includes a timeline for enacting the new program in stages and discuss it with the electrical department and management to get them on board.

Gather Information

Once you have approval for developing your plan, you can gather the necessary information about past failures and potential problems, starting with the most critical equipment. With this information you can create task lists and schedule preventative maintenance inspections. Next, document the process, add it to your computerized maintenance management system, and create bills of materials to make the repairs easier.

Fine Tune the Process

After the process has been created you will receive feedback that you will need to address in order to improve the process. Once things are running smoothly, be sure to tweak the process as needed to meet your needs.

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