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What is CMMS?

February 26, 2021

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CMMS (Computerized maintenance management software) is a software solution managers specify to streamline and improve maintenance operations. A CMMS contains preventive maintenance tools to better monitor equipment performance and reliability, as well as work order management and tracking functionalities.

CMMS is one among multiple terms and acronyms used in the maintenance industry:

  • CMMS software
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Software
  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Software
  • Maintenance Management Software
  • Maintenance Software
  • Work Order Software
  • Work Order Management Software
  • PM Software
  • Preventative Maintenance Software
  • Fleet Maintenance Software
  • Facilities Maintenance Software

Benefits of CMMS

Direct benefits to be expected from your Maintenance Operational model supported by a reliable CMMS:

Less Unexpected work interruption and outages: due to preventive maintenance, there are less breakdowns.

Better accountability: you can track maintenance staff activities, and get alerts when a task is complete.

Less overtime: with an efficient and comprehensive Scheduling tools, work and tasks can be distributed in an effective way, reducing the incidence of costly usage of resources..

Information and historical data access: CMMS users can access historical activities and statistic. Comments and feedback can also be recorded and accessed at any given times.

Savings on warranty and purchases: Easy access to Warranty information and inventory management features enable you to determine the right time to buy spare parts at the right price.

Users of CMMS

Nearly all industries need Maintenance function to improve productivity, especially those owning expensive assets or highly affected in situation of unexpected slowdown or interruption of their activities. CMMS software help manage efficient maintenance activities. Here are 3 major industries users of CMMS to reach competitive level of performance in their activities:

  • Production Maintenance – Companies manufacturing products/goods using specialized machineries, assembly lines, conveyors, forklifts.
  • Facility Maintenance – Companies in hospitality industry or responsible to maintain buildings, Hotels, resorts, condo locations, Apartment buildings (commercial and offices), university campus, theaters and government buildings CMMS help them deal with structural, HVAC, and all kind of building-related equipments requiring maintenance services to fulfill their functions.
  • Fleet Maintenance – Companies using all kind of vehicles for their business and operations need CMMS to meet high standard availability of their vehicles. Car rental companies, delivery vehicles, fleets of services vehicles city buses and logistics vehicles, are all using CMMS to improve their performance.

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