Work Order Management

​Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) is the heart of intelligent work orders. Three smart strategies for increasing maintenance performance for an effective planning and scheduling system include:

1. Scheduling

Intelligent work orders connect in real time to equipment, keeping team members notified of breakdowns and allowing them to submit maintenance reports.

2. Reports

Software-based work orders encourage an active role by technicians in successful inventory management by ordering parts, tracking those consumed and linking to software to list parts for sale.

3. Information

A report is only as beneficial as the information used to compile it. Supplying essential information about each task optimizes future performance. Real-time updates in the Cloud fully integrate information, scheduling and reports to optimize maintenance performance.

Intelligent Work Orders

Today’s maintenance work order systems live in the Cloud. This enables the connection between workers, equipment and data that can simplify complex infrastructure management and increase maintenance performance.

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