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CMMS for the beverage industry

February 25, 2021

Although consumer trends within the beverage industry continue to shift, the demand for a wide assortment of bottled drinks is driving a healthy bottling industry. Meeting growing and shifting consumer demands requires new management tactics, including the implementation of CMMS software by bottling plants and related manufacturers.

How CMMS Is Making a Difference

A computerized maintenance management system can track many essential aspects of operation, such as:

  • Inventory control – Physical counts are performed by utilizing bar codes
  • Inspections – A CMMS can be customized to reflect the inspections relevant to your plant
  • Asset management – Track and record condition, repair history, warrantees, spare parts lists, and much more

Essential Information

Centralizing these and other vital collections of information ensures consistent distribution of the latest data throughout any organization. This helps make operations more effective.

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